Anonymous whispered: priestessofjuno?

I was sort of hoping this URL would pop up in the askbox, and look, here it is. Other asks have arrived sooner but I figure I’ll answer this while I’m inspired to. Unlike most of the other URLs I’ve done so far, I don’t know Brit as well personally as I’d like, and at this point I’d consider us more like friendly acquaintances than actual friends, and so I don’t really have a lot of deeper insights into her true self or any of that. All I can say is what I think, of her personally, how she presents herself, how she writes and RPs, etc, etc.

While we don’t know each other as well as I might have wished, I’ve known of her for quite some time; I can’t recall how I first found her, but it was early in my short career on here so far. Things starting out were more than a little difficult. She’s rather prominent in this little slice of Tumblr; and as with most of the prominent people here, there’s a factor of intimidation that comes into play,  and we had a few minor miscommunications and all of that. All those were stumbling blocks that we overcame, with time.

Now, we’ve got each other on Skype and occasionally talk, although, as I said, it’s not really at the level of social-link-go, and hasn’t been since, well. Like lots of folks, I added her on Skype when she was going through certain problems which won’t be detailed here, and tried to talk with her about it, and that didn’t really pan out the way I was hoping, unfortunately. It gives me real hope to see that she seems to be doing measurably better than she was, and I can only hope that trend continues and she realizes the sheer volume of people on here who love, adore, and support her.

In fact, I think that might help her; when she’s not feeling appreciated, or nobody replies to a prompt or post she puts up… to just keep in mind that, in fact, the fact that she’s accustomed to anybody noticing her existence is really something. The fact that she’s got so many people with her, myself included, in some form or another, that replies and attention are expected… I’m not saying it’s not okay to feel under-appreciated or to keep poking people until you get replies, of course, but I’d love to see a bit of perspective sometimes. Most people still toil away to very little attention or recognition paid to them, and when they have breakdowns and need help, often, there might not be anyone there to help them out.

And sometimes, stuff just doesn’t work out. It doesn’t mean the end of the world, in almost every case; we just have to pick things up again and carry on the best we can. It’s something we all come to accept about life at some point, and I just hope that since she’s found somebody who’ll accept and love her (Ally the amazing curiousvelvetservant) that, you know, things will get better, not worse.

Christ, I haven’t even touched on the IC, the RP, the writing. In short; it probably helps that she’s like the one freaking active Fuuka on this site it seems, but she’s just got it. I say that a bunch, but every time I do, I mean it; she is the Priestess wielding Juno. Her RPs were numerous, she strikes up tons of threads with folks, and I have massive respect for the way she just channels her muse most times.

It’s sort of hard to describe that intangible feeling a blog and blogger give you, but whatever she did to get it, it feels right. Your brain, on a level possibly below even conscious thought, just clicks it all together, and it helps the overall product significantly  and for that alone I could give her very high praise, even leaving the other reasons she deserves it alone.

One of the things I can say is that it’s now a pleasure to see her on the dash, either with her techie queues of fandom content or many RP threads, striking out, trying new things, etc. I’m honestly happy things seem like they’re headed in the right direction for her, in some way; we should all get so lucky someday, hopefully.